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Here are five ways in which poor communication may be negatively impacting your professional advancement

Here are five potential communication errors that may be impeding your professional development & also your social life.​

1. You React instead of Responding

When you react, you’re seeing things only from your Point Of View & how you feel in that instant. Responding involves pausing, reflecting on the situation & consider their Point Of View. It shows that you respect and care about what they have to say & how they feel.

2. You are Uncomfortable with Silence

Constantly filling in silence has a lot of downfalls: • You aren’t reflecting on the conversation • You don’t give yourself time to construct an appropriate response • You aren’t actively listening

There are several drawbacks to constantly filling in silence during a conversation:

  • You may not be taking the time to reflect on what has been said.

  • You may not be allowing yourself enough time to formulate an appropriate response.

  • You may not be actively listening to the other person.

2. You Present Your Opinions as Fact

This risks turning a conversation into an argument. A lot of the time, people don’t even know they’re doing it.

A simple way to avoid this is by starting your sentence with “In my opinion…”, “From my perspective”, or “I feel…”.

4. You struggle to change your mind

it’s hard to work with an individual that fails to change their mind when presented with new information. If you hold onto your ideas too strongly, you’re showing that you lack collaboration skills, which will hurt your career.

5. You aren’t recognizing the other person’s context

Communicating as if the other person has the same context as you is a big no and can quickly lead to misunderstandings. Check that the person you’re talking to has the same information, and fill in the gaps if you need to.

Others Include:

Here are five communication errors that may be hindering your career:

  • Inability to communicate clearly and concisely: If you have difficulty expressing your thoughts and ideas effectively, it may be challenging to demonstrate your value to your colleagues and superiors.

  • Poor listening skills: Misunderstandings and miscommunication can result from a lack of attentiveness, which can harm relationships and hinder your professional advancement.

  • Lack of adaptability: Being inflexible and unwilling to adapt to different communication styles and approaches can limit your ability to effectively collaborate with others.

  • Overly aggressive communication style: Being confrontational or aggressive can damage your professional reputation and alienate your colleagues.

  • Passivity: On the other hand, being too passive and failing to assert yourself can also harm your career, as it may make it difficult for others to understand your perspective and ideas.

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