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ProFusion – Customer Relationship & Project Management Software for Business



ProFusion CRM: The Ultimate Business Tool for Modern Enterprises

Harness the power of ProFusion CRM, a self-hosted Customer Relationship Management platform meticulously designed for businesses, freelancers, and professional applications. Its contemporary design enhances your company’s image and optimizes business operations.

Key Offerings:

Project Management:

  • Efficiently administer and bill projects.
  • Link tasks to various CRM functionalities.

Professional Documentation:

  • Generate polished estimates and invoices.

Robust Support Infrastructure:

  • Integrated ticketing system with auto-importing capabilities.
  • Assign reminders for swift issue resolution.

Task Efficiency:

  • Monitor time on tasks and invoice clients.
  • Assign tasks to multiple members and track timers.
  • Allow non-project members to follow tasks.

Lead Management:

  • Centralize potential client data.
  • Import leads from emails and organize with drag-and-drop.

Sales Enhancement:

  • Draft enticing proposals.
  • Record and manage expenses, with billing options.

Comprehensive CRM:

  • Deep insights with a feature-rich CRM.
  • Integrated surveys and goal tracking.

Contractual Agreements:

  • Manage sales with a dedicated contracts feature.

Customization and Branding:

  • Reflect your company’s branding.
  • Configurable options and custom fields.

Payment Solutions:

  • Accept payments via PayPal and Stripe in multiple currencies.

Organizational Tools:

  • Dedicated media folder for non-admins.
  • Customized calendar per staff member.

Additional Features: Follow-ups, reports, notes, files, and more comprehensive business tools.

Distinguishing ProFusion CRM:

At its core, ProFusion CRM prioritizes customers. Its robust support, ticketing system, and reminders ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.

In-Depth Feature Exploration:

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Considering ProFusion CRM? Review our support section before purchasing.

Specialized Features:

Customers: Manage contacts, set permissions, and offer client portals.

Invoicing Suite: Track invoices, reports, and multi-currency invoicing.

Recurring Financials: Automate invoices and expenses.

Estimates & Proposals: Generate estimates and transition proposals to invoices.

Online Payment Solutions: Accept payments globally.

Project Efficiency: Manage projects, track time, and visualize with Gantt Charts.

Milestones & Leads: Set milestones and centralize lead management.

Web Integration: Capture leads directly from your site.

Contract Management: Digital contract access and management.

Support Tickets: Streamlined client support ticketing system.

Departmentalization & Customization: Assign staff to departments, customize appearances, and email templates.

Staff Management: Define roles, permissions, and tasks.

Goals, Tasks, & Surveys: Track sales, manage tasks, and survey clients.

Reports & Knowledge Base: Generate reports and maintain a client-helping knowledge base.

Media & Backup: Organize media and schedule backups.

Security & Accessibility: Data encryption, device optimization, and Google reCaptcha integration.

Extensibility: Action hooks and activity logs for transparency.

Flexibility: Customize with text overwrites, CSS, and editable HTML.

10 reviews for ProFusion – Customer Relationship & Project Management Software for Business

  1. Obinna Chukwu

    The integrated ticketing system in ProFusion CRM is top-notch. Its auto-importing capabilities have streamlined our support infrastructure, making it easier to manage customer issues promptly.

  2. Inemesit Bassey

    ProFusion CRM’s organizational tools, like the dedicated media folder and customized calendars, have significantly improved our internal coordination. It’s a comprehensive CRM that caters to all our business needs

  3. Ifeoluwa Okeke

    Drafting proposals has never been easier since we started using ProFusion CRM. It’s an essential tool for enhancing our sales processes and managing expenses effectively.

  4. Okiemute Trust

    The customization and branding options in ProFusion CRM have allowed us to reflect our company’s identity perfectly. It’s incredibly user-friendly and adaptable to our needs.

  5. Mrs Yahaya Bello

    The contracts feature in ProFusion CRM has greatly improved how we manage sales. It’s an invaluable tool for any modern enterprise.

  6. Oluwatoyin Ajayi

    I love how ProFusion CRM centralizes potential client data. The ability to import leads from emails and organize them easily is a huge advantage for our sales team.

  7. Folake Abimbola

    ProFusion CRM offers deep insights into customer relations. Its integrated surveys and goal tracking have been vital in understanding our clients’ needs better.

  8. Adeola Yusuf

    As a freelancer, I’ve found ProFusion CRM’s professional documentation tools to be invaluable. Generating polished estimates and invoices has never been easier. It definitely projects a professional image for my services.

  9. Chinaza Okoro

    ProFusion CRM has transformed our business operations. Its project management features are incredibly efficient, allowing us to link tasks to CRM functionalities seamlessly. A real game-changer for our team!

  10. Decent Akar – Tech City Real Estate Ltd – CEO

    I recall the challenges of managing office tasks with a physical book and Microsoft Excel, constantly worried about data loss from laptop crashes or misplaced books. Now, with Profusion Business Management software, I effortlessly track and manage my business from anywhere globally, free from such fears. Embrace automation and security for your business with Profusion. You’ll be grateful you did. Thank Me Later

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