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You will learn how to Build Complete Website and Hybrid Web Solutions. Master front-end web and server-side development in three comprehensive courses.


Website Design & Development On-Site Training

Web Development is the practice of developing websites and web apps that live on the internet. Whether you’re interested in front-end, back-end, or going full-stack, our web development courses will help you get there.

Your Journey into Tech

Want to take the first steps to become a Website Developer? This course will lead you through the languages and tools you will need to develop your own Website.

You will learn how to Build Complete Website and Hybrid Web Solutions. Master front-end web and server-side development in three comprehensive courses.


Programming Languages






Applied Learning Project

Learners will work on hands-on exercises, culminating in development of a full-fledged application at the end of this training course.


We have experts and tutors readily available to guide you through your journey into web development and tech as a whole.


Three Months

Three Days in a Week


Suite 14, DDS Shopping Mall, KM 25 Airport Road, Rukpokwu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Time & Days

MONDAY    3:00PM – 5:00PM Prompt

TUESDAY   3:00PM – 5:00PM Prompt

FRIDAY       3:00PM – 5:00PM Prompt





  1. Oluwatomiwa Awodokun Daniel

    If you want to expand more or want to dive into tech, I recommend Decent IT Service to you. Just completed my web development training and I love the progress I made 😊. The tutors are great and friendly, all experts in their fields. Even the assignments and practical projects are very interesting. I’ll give them a 5 star because they’re worth it and even deserve more. Decent IT Service is the best 👍.

  2. Justin Thomas

    If you are ready to learn and increase your skills and knowledge in WEB DEVELOPMENT (front end developer and backend developer …..”WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT ON E-SITE TRAINING” is the right choice…..they have well lectured tutors who will guide you on every step on becoming a very good web developer and web designer…… Is a very recommendable option…..bless

  3. movun nyerovwho

    If you are looking to build strong foundational skills in web development programming, then “WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT ON-SITE TRAINING” is the right choice. It is created and Taught by the wonderful tutors at Decentitservice, who explains every concept of web development with clear representation.
    This course includes both front end and backend development including creating database as well. It has taken first place in my list because of the in-depth explanation and a massive list of topics covered.
    My Brother paid for this course, and i can’t express how useful this course has been to my journey to becoming a full time develop even while am still in school.
    excellent Course would 100% recommend

  4. Osomime faith mamedu

    If you are a beginner and you love tech and you are so worried on how to start from the scratch I highly recommend DECENT IT SERVICE to you, just completed my training on WEB DEVELOPMENT, I tell you I knew absolutely nothing on it, and what makes DECENT IT SERVICE unique is that they have best tutors that are experts in their field and can crack even the hardest and toughest shell and make it so easy and simple for you, Now I can handle some web development projects on mine own, I will rate them 5 stars because they deserve it
    DECENT IT SERVICE you are the best!

  5. Jonas Chibuike

    Web design and development is one of the best skills to be acquired in our era and they are very fundamental in tech space.
    I just finished my web development training and it has really help me a lot.
    I would recommend Decent IT Services to anyone who wants to learn this skill or any other skill in tech space 💯 .

  6. Tosin Mirabel

    Great Services, I did not only learn how to code and develop websites, i also learnt how to utilize my time, and boost confidence in myself. Thank you for the experience

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