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“I was told that once my business gets a website, it births an online image where I can tell the world what we do, where we are, who we are and why we are different. Few years later, it’s now like we are speaking to an audience that is not paying attention”- Mr. Lekan Williams.
“I got a web company to develop a website for my business, in addition, the website was optimized to increase its visibility on Google search whenever anyone searches online for a range of products I sell. Today, we are struggling with keeping up with our online customers’ requests. I feel my business is too exposed, we can’t hide anymore.” -Mrs. Ifeoma Pius.

Both business owners share features in common. Both deal on the same line of business, hence they are competitors, both do have a website. Yet, the latter is struggling with excess demand for her products while the former is struggling with getting customers to look in his direction. What’s the need of having a website, yet can’t be found on Google search result page when your products are searched online?
Search Engine Optimization is a smart way of taking your business to potential customers who are searching for the services you offer. Wait a minute! Why Google search?

Every day in Nigeria, more than 10 million Google searches are made. 65% of keyword searches find what they need on the first page of the search engine result page, 15% get down to the second and third result pages. If your business is not visible on the above named pages, you will share the same fate as Mr. Lekan Williams. Again, Google ranking is a widely acceptable credibility index. If your business does not come up on search engine result page when a product you sell is searched, it means that your business is not a big brand. Top search engine result pages are exclusive for the ‘’big players”. Fortunately, in business, there are no anointed leaders, big players are smart business owners who outwit their competitors by optimizing their website.

Search Engine optimization is not a marketing tool, it’s a business strategy. It’s not for everyone, it’s exclusive for smart business owners who understands the present trends and the huge opportunities the future presents.

You are a business owner, you are reading this and you are trying to believe that it sounds too good to be true. Soon, you will be thinking that your competitor is employing some dark magic to foster his sales, if not, why are you not selling as much since you both sell the same product around the same location? Remember, there is only one option left for the embattled business owner in the end, that is, admit that the business (not you) has failed and sell the failed business to your smart competitor.

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